Information Security Courses

Are you interested in pursuing a good Information Security course? Do you want to build a promising and rewarding career in IT sector? If yes, this article will be of help to you. Here, I’ve listed down some of the best Information Security courses available in USA.

Information Security courses

Both resident and International students are eligible to pursue these courses. The academic programs listed here belong to various levels (Degree).


Information Technology has transformed our lives! It has changed the way we learn, entertain, shop, bank and Govern! In short, it touches and influences almost all aspects of our lives!


With the usage of IT Systems increasing with each passing year, the amount of data being stored in these systems is also increasing. IT systems and services around the world stores large amount of data. This data is sensitive and valuable.


Information Security deals with the safety and security of information stored in data systems. It also deals with other aspects of IT security such as – Network security, hardware security, system security etc.


IT Security forms an integral part of Information Technology. Without it, data/information is prone to theft, corruption and unauthorized access.


Information Security programs in USA can be broadly classified into the following types –

  • Undergraduate Level Programs
  • Postgraduate Level Programs
  • Doctoral Degree Level Programs


Here, I’ve mentioned courses belonging to each and every level! Thus, high school pass outs, Graduates and Postgraduates will be able to find relevant academic programs in here!


First of all, let us check out what Information Security is all about? In the next section, you will find basic details about this field.


What is Information Security?

In simple terms, Information Security/IT Security deals with the safety and security of IT systems. Since IT systems involve aspects such as – Network, Cloud Technology, Hardware, Servers etc – IT security covers them as well!


The main task of an IT security professional is to secure the IT system that he/she has been asked to manage. For this, he/she must secure relevant hardware, network and system.


He/she may also be asked to train the employees regarding important IT security practices and protocols. Also check – Business Analytics courses and Cyber Security courses.


Come, let us check out the list of courses now. Here they are –


List of Business Analytics Courses

Let us start off with Undergraduate level programs. Here they are –


1 Bachelor’s Degree Courses

  • BS in IT Security
  • BS in Digital and Cyber Security
  • BS in Information Security and Privacy Engineering
  • BS in Network Security
  • BS in Data Security
  • B.Eng. IT Security
  • B.Eng. Information Security
  • B.Eng. Privacy & Security Engineering
  • B.Eng. Network Security


2 Master’s Degree Courses

  • MS in Information Security and Privacy Engineering
  • MS in Network Security
  • MS in Data Security
  • MS in IT Security
  • MS in Digital and Cyber Security
  • M.Eng. IT Security
  • M.Eng. Information Security
  • M.Eng. Privacy & Security Engineering
  • M.Eng. Network Security


3 PG Diploma Courses

  • PG Diploma in IT Security
  • PG Diploma in Network Security
  • Advanced Diploma in IT Security
  • Professional Diploma in Information Security


4 PG Certificate Courses

  • PG Certificate in Cyber Security
  • PG Certificate in IT Security
  • PG Certificate in Network Security
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